Sempre Libera / Always Free: video recording

We have a number of surprises coming up, and following Sempre Libera / Always Free. This great concert went live of September 30 2016 at the Theater of Tor Bella Monaca in Rome with the Moods Ensemble.

For now, enjoy the video recording of the concert!

Eugenio Colombo (alto sax), Francesco Lo Cascio (vibraphone), John Crawford (live video direction), Fabio Paolizzo (composition and VIVO/live electronics), Alípio C Neto (conduction and tenor sax), Giancarlo Schiaffini (trombone).

Lisa Naugle at UC Irvine (video choreography) and Simon Harrison, Francesca Lee, Leslie Bitong and Koryn Wicks (DTM2 dance ensemble), and Federico Scalas (sound direction).

Music Director for JazzXchange

I collaborated as Musical Director (and performing artist) for JazzXchange: The House that America Built – Part II.

The House That America Built – Part II is a collaborative performance by the members of JazzXchange, an ensemble of dancers, musicians, choreographers, a spoken-word artist and a visual artist.

The historical journey of jazz music and dance embodies the chronology of the United States of America, but that is not the story this work tells: Rather, this work uses the notion of a “house” — a place of dwelling — and examines it in various ways that invite the audience in, to occupy the house directly and feel the impact of their presence on it, rather than just observe it from the outside. The house, like jazz itself, is a metaphor for change: Occupants come and go; its value goes up and down; there is wear and tear, rebuilding and even demolition taking place cyclically to maintain the local economy.

This Jazz House, built for and in spite of its 2017, inhabitants lays its foundation on what is actually a burial ground, with its own memory. The past is muffled, while the chaos of the international socio-political playground that surrounds the house’s 2017 inhabitants challenges their achievements, their values and, most curiously, their inalienable rights. However buttressed against the outside world’s entry, and no matter what kind of reinforcements were designed by or for the inhabitants, the unrelenting din, pollution and dissonance will inevitably penetrate the house. They affect all who dwell in it, because essential supplies from the outside are still required for life to continue within.

When the earthquake rumbles, do all houses fall? You be the judge. With a cast of nine dancers and five musicians and a poet, JazzXchange explores this House that only a nation like the USA could build. Come and dwell in it. Be present to see, hear, feel and imagine what is within its walls. Visual artist Dali Polivka collaborates with director Sheron Wray to create a visual language that speaks to the political landscape of this time, where a seemingly stable environment has, for some, suddenly turned into turmoil, while for others the turbulence merely continues.

The choreographers who inhabit this particular version of The House… are: Cyrian Reed, L.A.-based hip hop choreographer; Moncell Durden, master of African American vernacular dance; Irishia Hubbard, forging her path as a choreographer, and Sheron Wray, whose vision of jazz dance and music is realized through dynamic improvisation.

Adding further distinction to The House… are the commanding spoken word performance of Makeda Kumasi and the musical genius of the JazzXchange Band, an unusual ensemble of drums, bass, accordion, piano and computational sound led by Fabio Paolizzo. Kumasi, who has previously performed with JazzXchange, returns to The House… with new, original work.…/jazz-house-america-built-part-ii


On Saturday April 1st, 2017, JamXchange culminated with a Jam session with live music – open to all dancers of every living rhythmized genre. Event started at 10am with Hip Hop with Cyrian Reed, along with other guests presenters Sakina Ibrahim, Darlisa Wajid-Ali, Erin Landry and Moncell IllKozby Durden to celebrate the nation’s Jazz Appreciation Month.

I was happy to join the Jam session as a live music performer using VIVO interactive music system.

Performance at “Pathways To Possible Worlds”

This is a short video from the performance I realized at “Pathways To Possible Worlds: Science Fiction & Sustainability”, following my Q&A session on the ties between Musical-Moods and collective awareness as well as emotional intelligence in the global discourse.

The work is a reflection on the society of the spectacle and the experience of violence in gaming. Exasperation and aesthetization of auditory and visual components in the game work against a hypernormalization of the audience experience. Autonomous audio elaboration is achieved in real time by VIVO, further highlighting the notion of production/spectacle as a social interaction for/of the human as non-living.

The present video contains a “mature”-rated military simulation, PEGI 18+. Viewer discretion is adviced.

Thanks to everyone at “Sempre Libera / Always Free”


Sempre Libera / Always Free is my last composition featuring the VIVO interactive music system , and took place on September 30 at the Theatre of Tor Bella Monaca in Rome.

A special thanks goes to the dancers who performed for the video, as well as to the University of California, Irvine – Dance Department. From left to right: Simon Harrison, Francesca Lee, Leslie Bitong and Koryn Wicks.



Have performed: Eugenio Colombo (Alto sax), Francesco Lo Cascio (Vibraphone), John Crawford (Live video direction), Fabio Paolizzo (Composition and VIVO/live electronics), Alípio C Neto (Conduction and Tenor sax), Giancarlo Schiaffini (Trombone). Thanks also to Federico Scalas (Sound Direction), Lisa Naugle at UC Irvine (Video Choreography), and to the wonderful audience who joined the event!

Keep an eye on the Moods Ensemble for our next dates…

Moods Ensemble


The Moods Ensemble was born as part the Musical-Moods project, with the aim of investigating the expression of moods in music composition, improvisation and interactive music systems of next generation.

Members of the ensemble are:
Giancarlo Schiaffini (Trombone)
Eugenio Colombo (Alto saxophone)
Francesco Lo Cascio (Vibraphone)
Alípio C Neto (Tenor saxophone, Conduction)
Fabio Paolizzo (VIVO interactive music system, Composition)

Sempre Libera / Always Free

The theatre of Tor Bella Monaca in Rome and University of Rome Tor Vergata present “Sempre Libera / Always Free”, an international concert in telepresence with UC Irvine. Music, dance and video will combine in a unique interplay featuring interactive technologies of next-generation, developed as part of the Musical-Moods project. A round table on the project, with both the universities and the audience, will precede the performance. Special focus will be given to computational creativity and music emotion research.

Sempre Libera / Always Free is the last work of Fabio Paolizzo. The composition draws from La Traviata of Giuseppe Verdi.

with Moods Ensemble:
* Giancarlo Schiaffini
* Eugenio Colombo
Alto saxophone
* Francesco Lo Cascio
* Alipio C Neto
Tenor saxophone, Conductor
* Fabio Paolizzo
VIVO interactive music system, Composer

In collaboration with:
* Lisa Naugle
Choreographer, DTM2 dance ensemble
* John Crawford
Active Space intermedia performance system, Video designer

The event is organized in partnership with the Master in Sonic Arts of the Department of History, Humanities and Society at University of Rome Tor Vergata.

For tickets:

photo by Skye Janel Schmidt

Talk and Performance at “Pathways to Possible Worlds”


On May 27th I gave a Question & Answer session and a performance at “Pathways to Possible Worlds: Science Fiction and Sustainability” at the Calit2 building at UCI. I discussed how the technology under development in the Musical-Moods project can be used to build new tools for partecipative democracy, as well as to increase collective awareness and emotional intelligence in the global discourse.

Event Website:

This day-long event explored the interplay between science fiction and sustainability in policy, public opinion, popular culture and practice with artists and researchers working with science fictionality. Science fiction has always proven a fertile meeting ground for the natural and social sciences and the humanities, and issues of sustainability and the future demand broad-reaching, cross-disciplinary thinking. In this workshop, science fiction authors join in conversation with students and faculty to reflect on the logic of sustainability within the realm of science fiction. What kind of choices lead to one kind of world or the other, and what effects do the depiction of these choices have on actions in the present? Can science fiction and its critical methodologies allow a greater immersion into science fictionality as a conceptual mode for reflecting on the future? What pathways to possible worlds do we see stretching before us, and how might we influence where they lead?

* Jonathan Alexander
* Gregory Benford
* Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay
* Anil Menon
* Fabio Paolizzo
* Josh Tanenbaum
* Sherryl Vint