Preparing for EMERSE

At UCI, preparations for the EMERSE project have started. We have been working with a number of classes in preparation for the project. These include “Dance improvisation” by Prof. Lisa Naugle, “Video for Dance” by Prof. John Crawford,  “Interface Ensemble” by Prof. Chad Michael Hall. In these classes, I have also presented the interactive music system VIVO, which I will be using for real-time music-making with dancers and audience in the project, together with live guitar improvisation. The meetings feature Norman Beede‘s piano interplay, as well as Prof. Alan Terriciano‘s original composition for the project.

In terms of the Musical-Moods project, the EMERSE activities are useful to evaluate the use of interactive music systems, such as VIVO and Active Space, to operate in terms of multimodality with different types of audience (scientists, artists, general public), dancers, musicians, immersive interactions, experimental visualizations and sonifications of a large-scale dataset.

A first series of informal open workshops will take place for the EMERSE project, which is being developed by director and media designer John Crawford in collaboration with colleagues and students from across the campus. These workshops are in preparation for an arts installation project planned for the 2016-17 school year which will trace relationships between humans and oceans, and in particular the contrasts and complexities of California’s coastal interface, using advanced digital media and performance techniques. Digital media captured from the California coastline will be interleaved with experimental visualization and sonification of ocean data, activated through human movement. “EMERSE” refers to “emerging” understanding that develops through “immersion” in this interactive visual and auditory environment. In these workshops, we will demonstrate and discuss some of the digital media systems being employed in this project.

The EMERSE workshops are being held:

Wednesday January 20, 4—8pm
Thursday January 21, 4—8pm
Friday January 22, 4—8pm

The location is the Experimental Media Lab (xMPL) on the first floor of the Contemporary Arts Center, building #721 on the main UCI campus map.

Produced with the support of the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, the Dance Department and the OCEANS Initiative at University of California, Irvine.

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