Talk and Performance at “Pathways to Possible Worlds”


On May 27th I gave a Question & Answer session and a performance at “Pathways to Possible Worlds: Science Fiction and Sustainability” at the Calit2 building at UCI. I discussed how the technology under development in the Musical-Moods project can be used to build new tools for partecipative democracy, as well as to increase collective awareness and emotional intelligence in the global discourse.

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This day-long event explored the interplay between science fiction and sustainability in policy, public opinion, popular culture and practice with artists and researchers working with science fictionality. Science fiction has always proven a fertile meeting ground for the natural and social sciences and the humanities, and issues of sustainability and the future demand broad-reaching, cross-disciplinary thinking. In this workshop, science fiction authors join in conversation with students and faculty to reflect on the logic of sustainability within the realm of science fiction. What kind of choices lead to one kind of world or the other, and what effects do the depiction of these choices have on actions in the present? Can science fiction and its critical methodologies allow a greater immersion into science fictionality as a conceptual mode for reflecting on the future? What pathways to possible worlds do we see stretching before us, and how might we influence where they lead?

* Jonathan Alexander
* Gregory Benford
* Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay
* Anil Menon
* Fabio Paolizzo
* Josh Tanenbaum
* Sherryl Vint

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