Thanks to everyone at “Sempre Libera / Always Free”


Sempre Libera / Always Free is my last composition featuring the VIVO interactive music system , and took place on September 30 at the Theatre of Tor Bella Monaca in Rome.

A special thanks goes to the dancers who performed for the video, as well as to the University of California, Irvine – Dance Department. From left to right: Simon Harrison, Francesca Lee, Leslie Bitong and Koryn Wicks.



Have performed: Eugenio Colombo (Alto sax), Francesco Lo Cascio (Vibraphone), John Crawford (Live video direction), Fabio Paolizzo (Composition and VIVO/live electronics), Alípio C Neto (Conduction and Tenor sax), Giancarlo Schiaffini (Trombone). Thanks also to Federico Scalas (Sound Direction), Lisa Naugle at UC Irvine (Video Choreography), and to the wonderful audience who joined the event!

Keep an eye on the Moods Ensemble for our next dates…

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